C# not work with unity?

Good morning Guys, if i look a youtube video from (for example) Brackeys. And hes scripting something, the things who stand in relationship with unity are orange and some are suggested. In my c# everything what should be orange is white and nothing is suggested.

How can i change this?

The problem is actually your C# editor…

Regarding the colors, the reason some stuff is orange for Brackeys, is probably because his editor is configured that way. You can try fiddling around with some settings in Visual Studio for that.

As an example, that’s how the code looks in mine:

If literally all of the code is colored white as you claim, then the syntax highlighting is not working correctly. You may have to try re-opening the project or try checking the Visual Studio installer.

Regarding the IntelliSense - stuff being suggested while typing. Just a guess but you can try to check in Visual Studio installer if you have the Visual Studio Tools for Unity installed.

Thanks for your text bro. But I installed c# to create games with unity now and it still doesnt works ):