C# OnCollisionEnter2D failing to respond

Hello fellow unity patrons,
I know this question has been asked before, but here we go.
I want my 2D tank to take damage upon collision with barbed wire. on the tank i’m using a simple piece of code:

Void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D col)
if(col.gameObject.tag == “BarbedWire”)

Like i said, should be very simple. The Tank has a Rigidbody and a polygon collider2D. The barbed wire has a polygon collider2D (IsTrigger false).
I have tried attaching a script to the BarbedWire to nudge it ever so slightly to keep the collider working.
I have looked through every place i could find for the answer, but none have fixed it. it simply does not register that it collided with the BarbedWire.

Thanks in advance, Rocketman.

If the collider is on a child and the OnCollision is on the parent, try adding the following code to the child:

 void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D collision)
     transform.parent.gameObject.SendMessage("OnCollisionEnter2D", collision);