C# Player Prefs & Toggle| Will not save settings

Hey guys, a little help here with a simple toggle:

The following script is suppose to change a material when toggle isON. The script works, in regards to changing the material, but it will not save the settings when I begin a new game. Does anyone know what I should do differently? The script is annotated, and the problem areas are specified for quick revision.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
//Had to copy and paste this into my project folder from the unity packadge, 
//not accessing for some reason...
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class swapMaterial : MonoBehaviour {

	//plug in material here
	public Material anyMat;
	//plug in default material here
	public Material defaultMat;
	//object that is effected by this script.
	public GameObject anyObject;
	//bool that decides if specified object changes material to gold
	public bool isGold;
	//this bool is simply here for comparative use.
	private bool sotrue = true;
	//A toggle that the user can switch on and off to select the gold material or not.
	public Toggle GoldenToggle;
//The int that is being stored...
	private int midas;

	//public Component currentmaterial;

	void Awake(){

		//*****Help:Suppose to get the settings the player has chosen. Is it gold or not?
		midas = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("midas");

//compares the stored int deciding whether material is changed or not...
		if (midas == 1) {
			isGold = true;
		} else {
			isGold = false;

	void Update(){

		//If bool isGold is true, change material to the material plugged into anyMat.
		if (isGold == sotrue) {
			anyObject.GetComponent<MeshRenderer> ().sharedMaterial = anyMat;
			midas = 1;

		else {
			//Else the material of this object is the selected default.
			anyObject.GetComponent<MeshRenderer> ().sharedMaterial = defaultMat;
			midas = 0;

		//If the user has switched the toggle on, then the effected object's material becomes "anyMat"
		//in this case, Gold.
		if(GoldenToggle.isOn == true){
			isGold = true;

			//*****HELP: Suppose to save the toggle as on! not working...sets the int based on isGold in this case 1
			PlayerPrefs.SetInt("midas", midas);

		} //If the toggle is off, then the effected object's material becomes default.
		else {
			isGold = false;
			//*****HELP: Suppose to save the toggle as off! not working...sets the int based on isGold in this case 0
			PlayerPrefs.SetInt("midas", midas);

		//Saves the player's selected settings. In this case, gold or no gold?
		//HELP:*****Does not apear to save the settings...problem in above script?
		PlayerPrefs.Save ();




This toggle is a setting to be applied to a new game, so the object in question is gold on new game, or not. I hope someone has a fresh perspective! Thank you all. Happy Deving!

For anyone needing help This script:
Successfully changes a material.
(scripted to be plunged-into the inspector)
Successfully connects to a toggle.

Intended as a setting to be applied on New Game.

have you tryed changing it to PlayerPrefs.GetString() and PlayerPrefs.SetString() as it should return true or false