(C#) Public variables that have descriptions in the engine.

Hey all,

So it’s commonly known that Unity will expose public variables to the engine.

Is it possible to set a description for that variable so that an artist or someone that is a non programmer can have a description for that variable?


As of now, I don’t believe it’s possible with the built in inspector. I think this is a widely requested feature especially for Indie’s who are creating Asset Store items, you may want to go to the Unity Request forums and up vote this feature request if it’s important to you.

As far as existing threads, this seems to be the one with the most traffic, but has received no response from unity and was posted almost 2 years ago:


Do you talk about a custom inspector for your script or the API of Unity in general?

Most variables are actually properties (with get and set methods) and in MonoDevelop or in Visual Studio you have a short description of most properties / methods. Where do you think do an artist come in contact with variables? The only place i can think of is the inspector so you can setup a custom inspector if you want to add further details on the usage of your script.

For the buildin components (Camera, Light, Terrain, …) there is the manual you can and should consult. Most components are quite complicated and you can’t describe it’s usage with a single sentence.