C#: Question about passing objects as params.

Hey guys,

So I am just trying to get a sense of things with C#, here are my two questions:

Question 1
I have variables:

    PlayerClass playerOne;
    PlayerClass playerTwo;
    PlayerClass currentPlayer;

If I do this:

currentPlayer = playerOne;

am I getting a copy of the playerOne class? or a pointer to its location in memory?

Question 2:

If I pass currentPlayer as a parameter to another class:


am I getting a copy? or a pointer. I know this is a silly question I’ve just seen a few strange posts about c#. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.

in first case you get a pointer. for second case http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/s6938f28(v=vs.80).aspx will help to figure out whats happening