C# script editor won't open? What should I do

So here is the problem I’m having in regards to script editing, I can’t even open up the defualt program to.
Basically, when I try to open a script for editing, the program that should be used to edit said scripts never pop up. Instead, I’m given this message, with the header title “Fatal Error”, saying that monodevelop-unity wasn’t installed with all the parts it needed to run smoothly, if not at all.


I have no idea what’s so ever on what I need to do per say. I’m not sure what to download, edit, program, solve, or install to fix the problem that plagues me now. If there’s anyone out there who has been through the same sort of senario as I’m in now, please give some advice. Just what need to be done.

This happened because GTK# has been removed from your system. To reinstall it, the best is reinstalling Unity from scratch: https://store.unity.com/

Do not uninstall it; do not reinstall Visual Studio if you have already installed it; just rerun the installer, check the editor and the builds you need.

GTK# will be reinstalled and the problem will be solved.

Use a different text editor. You can find the folder path on thee project selection screen. Or you can just set the default text editor in Edit > Preferences > External Tools. I hope this helps :slight_smile: