C# Script Haven't Check Box

Hi Eveybody,
My C# Script Haven’t Check Box And That isn’t Working!



My Script Name Is Slot.
Palmname.cs Script Have a check box but slot.cs havent

Please Help Me!!!

Short answer: The check box will only appear if you are particular functions that are affected by enabling and disabling the component.

Is Slot.cs missing an Update/FixedUpdate/Start function/method?

That is what is affected by the enable and disable check box and field of the component.

If you’re missing those functions, why have the checkbox in the inspector?

This makes sense in the inspector since it would have no value for the script missing all of those functions, it doesn’t apply when it’s not there.

I have a similar problem except that my “Slot” script has an Awake() and Update() method in it…

Adding and then deleting a new script fixed the problem for some bizzare reason. A 2020.1.6f1 bug I think.