C# Script interaction between separate locations

I’m currently in the middle of integrating the gamejolt api into some of my games so that I can use their high score system, but recently i’ve run into a scripting problem. Usually, if I needed a script to interact with the gjapi files (located in their own folder) I would just move the to the folder and continue on, but this time I have a script that needs to interact with both the gamejolt api AND many of the other scripts (located in Standard Assets > Scripts). Is there a way to have scripts cross-communicate through these locations?

I’ve already tried transform.GetComponent(), but unity fails to recognize the script if it isn’t in the same location as the script calling the function, the same goes for trying to initialize the script I want to call as a variable.

Thank you in advance for any advice or help!

what oO

using namespaces and alias should solve ure problem