C# script language info?

Can anyone point me to where I can learn C# script language for unity? I know the basics, and I’m reading this book called C# 5.0 for dummies. The thing is, I want to learn C# applying to unity game programming. Where can I learn all the methods such as : retrace path, nodes, vector3, rotate?

the C# for dummies book only helps me with programming applications, not video games with Unity.

Thanks xD

The Unity Manual’s section on scripting is a good place to start; it assumes you have a basic knowledge of C# and goes into how C# scripts are used in Unity.

The Unity Scripting Tutorials are mostly basic C# fundamentals, but everything there’s in the context of a unity script, which could be useful; there’s also official tutorials on other unity subjects.

The Scripting API Reference will give you the useage details of every built-in class and struct in Unity; I recommend using google to search for unity classes, it’ll bring you to the official reference pages but it does it faster than the official reference page’s search feature for some reason (i.e. you can google unity Vector3 and it’ll take you to the Scripting Reference page for the Vector3 class).

The official Live Training videos are a great place for in-depth knowledge on specific subjects, but the videos are a bit long.

From the perspective of game design, this british fellow on youtube has a lot of good explanations on what makes good games good and bad games bad, which I find very useful and enlightening. You won’t find anything about implementation there, though.