C# - Simple Voronoi/Delaunay Diagrams For Starters


I would like to use voronoi and delaunay diagrams for the generation of different road network types. So far, I haven’t found a package offering both adapted for unity. I know there are a couple of huge packages containing all sorts of algorithms, there are smaller ones that don’t yield the desired results or simply don’t work in unity and some that are only used for terrain manipulation. However I need one I can feed with a list of points or something similar, which then outputs a list of edges and vertices I can connect easily.

Is there a small package for starters I can use right off the bat or with little modification?

This is really old now but is still unanswered (I had the same problem as OP_toss when I tried using the C# implementation here).

I just finished porting one of the best AS3 implementations of Fortune’s algorithm to C# for Unity. You can get it here: https://github.com/jceipek/Unity-delaunay (MIT licensed).

It’s probably not perfect, but it doesn’t seem to suffer from the same verts at infinity problems that seem to exist in every other version I tried:

#For 2017…

I had a look around, and really

seems to be the best one out there, still ! Thanks, jceipek !