C# Slow Down all Gameobjects Within another Gameobject's Collider

Do Gameobjects have their own equivalent of Time.time? I could only find the global float of Time.time and not a singular gameobject’s Time.time. I’m trying to slow down all gameobjects within another gameobject’s collider and not slow down my game entirely. I have got some pseudocode of what I’m trying to create. Any help would be appreciated.

void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)
other.time.time = time.time/2f;

There isn’t a built-in local timer but you can easily make one.

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If its a rigidbody moving via forces that you want to slow down just increase the drag. Else if you move via transform you could try adding the speedModifier that when staying inside the trigger would be reduced to e.G 0.5 and when leaving the trigger would return to 1.0