C# to UnityScript.

Hi their everyone.

I have bought a puzzle pack from the unity asset store which is scripted c#, i have read around that it with enough information it’s not that hard to convert c# into UnityScript.

I have been looking for the terms in this snippet of code to try and figure out how to write it up in UnityScript, but have had no luck so far.

I understand that GetBase is being used as a transform variable, but the rest of the code i do not understand at all.

can someone please shed some light on what the terms in the code means and how i could translate them to UnityScript.


public Transform GetBase(string ident)
   return jigsaw.transform.FindChild(ident) as Transform;

We have a function called GetBase that returns a transform given a name. The code finds the transform by going to the jigsaw game object and looking at it’s children for a transform with the supplied name.