c# unable to create datatable, using System.Data not an accepted assembly reference

First of all, context; I’m trying to create a 2d top down roguelike made up of square rooms that are stored in a datatable. This is my first time using datatables in Unity, & this code

DataTable table = new DataTable("table");

tells me I’m missing an assembly reference to use “DataTable” at all. I thought I was supposed to use

using System.Data;

But that also gives me an error saying “data” doesn’t exist in that namespace. I’ve also tried using System.Drawing, Linq, Text, Threading.Tasks, & Windows.Forms {from watching tutorials & looking up answers on datatables, none do anything & most Unity doesn’t even recognize}
I’ve looked around Unity ask & no one seems to have a solution, nor does the Microsoft C# manual since it seems to be a Unity specific issue.
Does anyone know what assembly reference I need to be able to use “DataTable”, “DataColumn()”, & “NewRow()” in Unity? As always, any help is appreciated ^-^

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You will find the answer there.