C# vs UnityScript

Which should I learn for developing games with Unity 2D/3D?
If they are similar in functionality, I assume UnityScript would be better because it’s easier? (Where can I learn UnityScript?)

Also, I’m in the process of learning Unity. I thought I’d start with 2D games because they’re easier right? Could you please point me to some tutorials I can do that you know are good from personal experience?

Finally, is a there an all-inclusive tutorial somewhere? (Making models in Blender, Textures in Photoshop/GIMP, and scripts?)

C# complies faster and is better supported. I personally find C# far easier, and you want to get in the good habit of properly naming variable types, so use C#.

quill18creates - YouTube > Great for beginner tutorials.

Brackeys - YouTube > Also great

Once you have watched some tutorials, read up on the scripting reference. I wouldn’t bother learning 2D first since unity treats 2D and 3D the same way, 2D is just 3D but with the camera as orthographic.