C4D texture&Object to Unity


I have imported map module from C4D to Unity but i have problems with area light and textures.

Textures look really bad and even the scaling isn’t the same as in C4D.

C4D image isn’t rendered it is made in editor.

And look that texture scaling

Here is pictrue:

I hope someone know whats wrong and can give some tips or something

Did you create UV’s for the object in C4d? The models need UV’s in order to display textures correctly in Unity. Also, only the UVW Mapping projection type can be used in C4d to display the textures correctly in Unity- so make sure you are not using Cubic or any other type.

Also any bump maps used in C4d will not automatically be used in Unity- Normal maps will though. Unity’s standard shader is very similar to C4d’s material system making it easy for C4d users to transition to it- you can apply your bump and other maps there.