Calculate Height of Trajectory : Unity3d

hello everyone ,

I have done trajectory motion and its working perfectly…

For calculating velocity i have written code like this :

function GetTrajectoryVelocity( startingPosition : Vector3,  targetPosition : Vector3,  lob : float ,  gravity : Vector3) : Vector3
		var physicsTimestep : float = Time.fixedDeltaTime;
	    var timestepsPerSecond : float = Mathf.Ceil(1f/physicsTimestep);
	    var n : float = lob * timestepsPerSecond;
	    var a : Vector3 = physicsTimestep * physicsTimestep * Physics.gravity;
		var p : Vector3 = targetPosition;
		var s : Vector3 = startingPosition;
		var velocity : Vector3 = (s + (((n * n + n) * a) / 2f) - p) * -1 / n;
		velocity /= physicsTimestep;
		return velocity;

The equation for calculating max height is here : Maximum Height

But i to calculate height using this equation ? I am having velocity , angle .

So my problem is how do i make equation in code?

Thanks for your help till now…

First of all, I don´t think you should recreate the whole physics system, Unity has an amazing built-in physics system, and it´s much more efficient than anything you can come up to.

But, anyway, your question has an answer. I guess you must have an initial velocity, apart form an initial position. You can calculate the angle from that initial velocity:

var initialVelocity : Vector3; 
var angle : float;

function Start () {
    initialVelocity = new Vector3(1,1,1);
    angle = Vector3.Angle(new Vector3(initialVelocity.x,0,initialVelocity.z), initialVelocity);

edit: and of course, form that point use the equation pointed by robhuhn, I assumed your problem was with finding the angle.