calculate velocity vector based on direction

Hi folks,

I’m new to unity and currently I’m running some tests. One test is a power up a player can obtain. I want the player accelerated into the direction the powerup is faceing. Since it is a 2D game the direction is tied to the z-rotation. 0=up, 90=left, 180=down, 270=right. So if the power up is rotated at 90° i want a force applied to the player. This is easy for the base direction, 0,90,180 and 270.
But how do i calculate the vector for e.g. 22° oder 98°?

I must admit my math knowledge is long gone and I’m currently working my way back to what i used to know. But until then i would appreciate a little hint :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Ok i found the solution!

		float angle = transform.eulerAngles.z * Mathf.Deg2Rad;
		// caluclate the vector based on the rotation of the power up
		// Vector.X = SINUS of angle in RADIANS
		// Vector.Y COSINUS of angle in RADIANS
		// 1 DEG = (1 * Mathf.Deg2Rad) RADIDANS
		// somehow the x coordinates are flipped, so multiply by -1
		Vector2 vect = new Vector2(Mathf.Sin(angle)*-1, Mathf.Cos (angle));
		// add the force to the player
		_playerRB.AddForce (vect * turbo); 

its that simple :slight_smile: