Calculating a Vector3 position waypoint

Using the image as an example, I’d like to calculate the vector3 (in green), which is the intersection of a line between my player and target, at a required distance of 1 away from the target.

public Vector3 GetClosestPointFrom( Vector3 start, Vector3 target, float distanceFromTarget )
Vector3 directionFromTarget = (target - start).normalized;
Vector3 point = directionFromTarget * distanceFromTarget;
return point;

     // Or, shorter syntax
     // return  (target - start).normalized * distanceFromTarget

Thank you @Hellium, you’ve guided me in the right direction but I may have not properly asked my question.

I used the following formula (variation of yours) which seems to work perfectly:

point = ((startPosition - targetPosition).normalized * distanceFromTarget) + targetPosition