Calculating mesh over GameObject scale

I’m currently experimenting with dynamic meshes and such, mostly for fun and experience. So I’ve made a model in 3DS max, which is basically just a cube with multiple width segments.

Now I have a Vector3 array with the positions of all the vertices. And then I ‘debug’ the vertices by spawning cubes at their location, which all works fine. However, the position of the vertices is always the same, no matter what the size or the position of my actual gameObject is.

How can I calculate the vertices so they actually go to the position of my scaled gameObject. So basically, how do I make them relative?

Nevermind, I solved it. It was kind of obvious really.

I just took the original vectors of the vertices and multiplied it by the scale. If you do this however and you reorganize all vertices, be sure to return the scale of your gameObject to 1. Or your mesh will be stretched twice the size you want.