call a coroutine in properity get/set?

I need to call a coroutine MoveCameras() when I enable my camera from my CameraManger script.

So I stumbled upon get/set of properities:

		public bool enableCamera = true;
		public bool EnableCamera
				return this.enableCamera;
				this.enableCamera = value;
                   //Call coroutine on camera disable enable

My CameraManger script is “static”, I’m taking it with me even when changing scenes.

public class CameraManager : MonoBehaviour {

	public static CameraManager instance;

	public Camera CameraPlayerOne;
	public Camera CameraPlayerTwo;

public IEnumerator MoveCameras()
	{/*Move Cameras stuff*/}

I get an error saying that I cannot acces non-static member of outer type ‘UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour’ via nested type ‘PlayerCamera.CameraOptions’.

Any hints how I could tackle this problem?

Replace to it: