call any method

I would like to replicated something like the event system in my script. I would want the user to specificity what script to use and what function to call in the inspector.

Can this be done without a custom editor?

thanks for all the help,

Yea it can be done. Without an Editor script, but you’re limiting yourself though, such as you won’t be able to have a drop down of functions in the inspector to choose from, similar to how the UI Event system looks. Without using an Editor script, you could simply have a script that contains a public GameObject and a public string. Executing the command would be a SendMessage on the GameObject. It’s crude, as this example doesn’t send values:

public class MessageSender : MonoBehaviour {
	public string FunctionName;
	public GameObject Sender;

	public void ExecuteCommand()

I assume you want to use delegates and Reflection, but I can’t see that happening without an Editor script.