Call CS from JS in one gameobject

I’ve looked through a bunch of the questions on here involving this but they don’t answer in a way that seems logical for my use. So here it goes:
(I’ve added in the script because I find it useful answering questions with it, though I don’t think it may be necessary to answer this question)

Thanks for the look!

First the Hierarchy.

On the “Interaction” level I have a child object that I click/interact with and it triggers CS code called “UpButton”.
This code triggers a boolean value to be made true in a function “WasUpPressed”:

    bool upPressed = false;
	void OnMouseDown()
		upPressed = true;
	bool WasUpPressed()
		return upPressed;

Now on the “Communicator” level I have a JS.
This tells an animation to play on the “Animation” level if it “hears” that “WasUpPressed” returns true :

    var upbutton = false;

    function Update () 

	     upbutton = GetComponent(UpButton);


To me it seems as if this would work, however, I can’t even see if it does because it won’t compile in the Project for me to be able to even attach it to my gameObject. The error I get is “Unknown Identifier: ‘UpButton’” which will obviously be the case if the script isn’t attached to the gameObject. So how do I fix this??

The CS script is not compiled before the JS.

If you place the JS in a folder other then “Plugins” folder, and make sure the CS is under the “Plugins” folder, the code in the CS will be known in the JS.