Call function after Level loaded

I’m stuck in this situation:

I have a GameObject with a script, that persist trough Level loads.

Inside this script, when a condition is meet, i Load a Level, and also call a function. That function is a C# Messenger Broadcast() function.

The level that I am loading contain the script with the Listener for that Messenger Broadcast.

The problem is that the Broadcast occurs before the level has been loaded, and so there is no Messenger Listener that can receive the event.

BroadcastException: Broadcasting
message OnConnectionError but no
listener found.

I need to do the Broadcast only after the level has been loaded, but I don’t know how, or maybe there is a better solution.

For a simple example here is the code:

public class NetworkingManager : MonoBehaviour {

    void Start(){
        DontDestroyOnLoad (this);

    void OnConnectionLost(BaseEvent _event ){
        if(Application.loadedLevelName != "LoginScreen"){
            Application.LoadLevel ("LoginScreen");
        Debug.Log ("Disconnected. Reason: " + _event.Params["reason"]);
        Messenger<string>.Broadcast ("OnConnectionError", "Disconnected");

from documentation - - -

void OnLevelWasLoaded(int level) {
    if (level == 1)
        Messenger<string>.Broadcast ("OnConnectionError", "Disconnected");