Calling a function in another script not working with yield

Alright so upon finding out sendmessage can only send 1 parameter I found an alternative:

InstantForce = Target.GetComponent("CharacterMovement");
InstantForce.InstantForce(100.0, ExplosionDirection);

I want it to pretty much start the function “InstantForce” in my CharacterMovement script. It does this although my old yield in a for loop trick doesn’t work.

function InstantForce (Length : float, ApplyForce : Vector3)
	for (var A = Length; A > 0; A--)
		rigidbody.AddForce(ApplyForce*(A/Length), ForceMode.Impulse);
		yield new WaitForFixedUpdate();

It dubugs 100 once when I move the debug above the yield but comes up blank while it’s there. I think it’s something to do with the way I’m calling it? If so what’s the fix? I’m clueless!

EDIT: This works if I call it instead of InstantForce but it just seems so pointless! There has to be another way?

function ApplyInstantForce (Length : float, ApplyForce : Vector3)
	InstantForce(Length, ApplyForce);

This is more of a side note, than an answer.

You mentioned that SendMessage can only send one parameter. Well, there is a work around, you could send an array:

   var playerInfo = new Array();

    SendMessage(PlayerInfo, paraArray);

    function PlayerInfo(info : Object){
       print("Player Damage: " + info[0]);
       print("Player Name: " + info[1]);
       print("Player Health: " + info[2]);