Calling an object from Array/List

Hi. I currently have an Array / List that I want to use . i want to spawn a certain enemy at a certain location. So the Array/List is able to be edited in the inspector.

When the user increases the size and input the new Enemy and Spawn Location. I would like the enemy to spawn at the location. Sorry If this has been posted before but I am not too sure on how to do this.

public GameObject[] Enemies;
public Transform[] SpawnLocation;

int EnemiesIndex = Enemies.Length;
int Spawnpointindex = SpawnLocation.Length;

        if (other.gameObject.tag=="Player")
            for (int i = 0; i < EnemiesIndex && i < Spawnpointindex; i++)
                Instantiate(Enemies_, SpawnLocation*);*_

Debug.Log(“Enemies is spawned”);
This is a snippet of the code that I have currently. With the size of the Array/List changing, I am unsure on how to code this. Thanks in advance. Can someone also advise me on whether to use Array or List? I am quite confused about which to use as they are quite similar to me.

if you want instance Enemies at certain location , use this

Instantiate(Enemies_, SpawnLocation*.position,Quaternion.identity);*_

Instantiate(Enemies_, SpawnLocation*);_
_is mean spawn an enemy to be a child of SpawnLocation.*
second ,Personally, list is better than array unless you want to use generic programming._