Calling c# function from a JS

Hi I have a script (written in c#) that I need to use from my unity script system. I have looked around at how to invoke a function inside the c# script but cannot find anything that helps me.

Before you ask, the c# files are located in the standard assets and get compiled before the java script files.

The error I get when trying to invoke the function is as follows: "It’s not possible to invoke an expression of type ‘error’. (BCE0077)

The c# function has a void return type. See the complete code below.

enum GameMode{MENU, PLAYING};
var playerSpawn : GameObject;
var playerPrefab : GameObject;
var player : Player;
var toggleType : String;
var gameTimeElapsed : double;
var maxGameTime : double;
var gameMode : GameMode;
var stringToEdit : String;
var gameFont : GameFont; //c# script
var enemies = Array();

function Awake()
	gameFont = gameObject.GetComponent(GameFont); //get the c#script
function Start()
	gameFont.AddText("Hello", 32, 40); //error see post

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class GameFont : MonoBehaviour 
	public TextAsset fontXML;

	public SpriteManager spriteManager;
	BitmapFont bmf;
	void Start () 
		spriteManager = GameObject.Find("SpriteManager").GetComponent<SpriteManager>();
		bmf = new BitmapFont(fontXML.text, 0, 0);
	void AddText(string text, int x, int y)
		AddText(bmf, text, x, y);	
	void AddText(BitmapFont bmf, string text, int x, int y)
		List<BitmapFont.Sprite> sprites = bmf.GetSprites(text, 0, 0);
		foreach(BitmapFont.Sprite s in sprites)
			GameObject go = new GameObject("Glyph \"" + s.c + "\"");
			go.transform.position = new Vector3(s.x + x + s.texCoords.width/2, Screen.height - y - s.y + s.texCoords.height/2, 0.0f);
			spriteManager.AddSprite(go, s.texCoords.width, s.texCoords.height, (int)s.texCoords.x, (int)s.texCoords.y + (int)s.texCoords.height, (int)s.texCoords.width, (int)s.texCoords.height, false);

I am using the package created by this guy:

That AddText call doesn’t appear to be public…