Calling for two variables in a list

What would be the best way to get 2 variables from a list item. I have an inventory system where one item has multiple variables , and the two I am trying to access are ItemName which is a string and then IsEqquipped which is a bool . So far everything I have done has only needed to call on one variable at a time from the item in the list .Now save what inventory the player has equipped i need to call two variables at once from the item.

Here you go

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

// here string is the "name" of the item and bool is "Is equipped"
Dictionary<string, bool> items = new Dictionary<string, bool>();

// add items 

items.add( "item1", true );// item1 is equipped
items.add( "item2", false )// item2 is  not equipped

// find item equipped or not

if( items.ContainsKey("item1"))// check dictionary has "item1"
    bool isEquipped = items["item1"];
    if(isEquipped)Debug.Log("item1 is equipped");
    else Debug.Log("item1 is not equipped");