Calling gameobject.transform vs. just calling transform directly - Performance negligible?

Hey Everyone,
In my game, I have empty gameobjects that represent targets for characters to move to. I store those objects as GameObjects, but I pretty much always use them as gameObject.transform. I know there is a performance hit, but I was wondering if it’s negligible, or if digging down in a gameObject into its transform actually hurts performance enough where I should go through my game to change all of those to transforms. And I am at the point where I am trying to optimize, and I’ve already optimized the biggies.

Anyways, I know the question is subjective (does my game perform well already/might not be worth it), but it’s something I’ve always been curious about anyways. I appreciate it.


The difference is so, but so small, that there is no real reason to optimize it.