calling instantiated clone

I have a spawn script that instantiates a model , but this model gets spawned allot,and there are more than one in game since its a character in multiplayer game,so how can i call a specific instantiated model if they all have the same name? because the camera script( the script trying to access the instantiated model) has to know which instantiated model to follow …

Spawn script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

/// <summary>
/// This script is attached to the SpawnManager and it allows
/// the player to spawn into the multiplayer game.
/// </summary>

public class SpawnScript : MonoBehaviour {
	//Variables Start___________________________________
	//Used to determine if the palyer needs to spawn into
	//the game.
	private bool justConnectedToServer = false;
	//Used to determine which team the player is on.
	public bool amIOnTheRedTeam = false;
	public bool amIOnTheBlueTeam = false;
	//Used to define the JoinTeamWindow.
	private Rect joinTeamRect;
	private string joinTeamWindowTitle = "Team Selection";
	private int joinTeamWindowWidth = 330;
	private int joinTeamWindowHeight = 100;
	private int joinTeamLeftIndent;
	private int joinTeamTopIndent;
	private int buttonHeight = 40;
	//The Player prefabs are connected to these in the 
	public Transform redTeamPlayer;
	public Transform blueTeamPlayer;
	private int redTeamGroup = 0;
	private int blueTeamGroup = 1;
	//Used to capture spawn points.
	private GameObject[] redSpawnPoints;
	private GameObject[] blueSpawnPoints;
	//Variables End_____________________________________
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
	void OnConnectedToServer ()
		justConnectedToServer = true;	
	void JoinTeamWindow (int windowID)
		//If the player clicks on the Join Red Team button then
		//assign them to the red team and spawn them into the game.
		if(GUILayout.Button("Join Red Team", GUILayout.Height(buttonHeight)))
			amIOnTheRedTeam = true;
			justConnectedToServer = false;
		//If the player clicks on the Join Blue Team button then
		//assign them to the blue team and spawn them into the game.
		if(GUILayout.Button("Join Blue Team", GUILayout.Height(buttonHeight)))
			amIOnTheBlueTeam = true;
			justConnectedToServer = false;
	void OnGUI()
		//If the player has just connected to the server then draw the 
		//Join Team window.
		if(justConnectedToServer == true)
			joinTeamLeftIndent = Screen.width / 2 - joinTeamWindowWidth / 2;
			joinTeamTopIndent = Screen.height / 2 - joinTeamWindowHeight / 2;
			joinTeamRect = new Rect(joinTeamLeftIndent, joinTeamTopIndent,
			                        joinTeamWindowWidth, joinTeamWindowHeight);
			joinTeamRect = GUILayout.Window(0, joinTeamRect, JoinTeamWindow,
	void SpawnRedTeamPlayer ()
		//Find all red spawn points and place a reference to them in the array
		redSpawnPoints = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("SpawnRedTeam");
		//Randomly select one of those spawn points.
		GameObject randomRedSpawn = redSpawnPoints[Random.Range(0, redSpawnPoints.Length)];
		//Instantiate the player at the randomly selected spawn point.
		Network.Instantiate(redTeamPlayer, randomRedSpawn.transform.position,
		                    randomRedSpawn.transform.rotation, redTeamGroup);
	void SpawnBlueTeamPlayer ()
		//Find all blue spawn points and place a reference to them in the array
		blueSpawnPoints = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("SpawnBlueTeam");
		//Randomly select one of those spawn points.
		GameObject randomBlueSpawn = blueSpawnPoints[Random.Range(0, blueSpawnPoints.Length)];
		//Instantiate the player at the randomly selected spawn point.
		Network.Instantiate(blueTeamPlayer, randomBlueSpawn.transform.position,
		                    randomBlueSpawn.transform.rotation, blueTeamGroup);

In your logic, there must be a way to determine which one is your player. E.g The controls script must talk to this object to move it, otherwise you can move other players character. Agreed?

So use this logic for your camera follow script too.