Calling non static strings using AndroidJavaClass failing..

I’m doing a testing Android plugin for Unity from a Java class.

Calling a static method works great:
AndroidJavaClass ajc = new AndroidJavaClass(""); return ajc.CallStatic<string>("ReturnStaticString");

But calling a normal method will not work:
AndroidJavaClass ajc = new AndroidJavaClass(""); string tmpString = ajc.Call<string>("ReturnNormalString");

Am I missing a step?

That is because the AndroiJavaClass only gives you access to a class type, so it can only provide you with static members or methods. In order to call a non-static method you would need to have access to an instance of that class as an AndroidJavaObject.

Try adding a static method in your class that returns an instance of the class, then use the callstatic to get that instance, and then call the normal method from the instance instead of the class.

Hope this helps clear up the problem for you.