Calling SwapColorBuffer in URP causes depthTarget disappear

I create a custom RendererFeature execute at AfterRenderingSkybox.

The RendererFeature call ScriptableRenderPass.Blit(CommandBuffer cmd, ref RenderingData data, Material material, int passIndex = 0). After execute the RendererFeature, transparent objects have problems in depth testing when rendering, and cannot be obscured by opaque objects.

using UnityEngine.Rendering;
using UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal;

public class SwapColorBufferRendererFeature : ScriptableRendererFeature
    SwapColorBufferPass m_swapColorBuffer;

    class SwapColorBufferPass : ScriptableRenderPass
        public override void Execute(ScriptableRenderContext context, ref RenderingData renderingData)
            CommandBuffer cmd = CommandBufferPool.Get(name: "SwapColorBufferPass");
            Blit(cmd, ref renderingData, null);

    public override void Create()
        m_swapColorBuffer = new SwapColorBufferPass();
        m_swapColorBuffer.renderPassEvent = RenderPassEvent.AfterRenderingSkybox;

    public override void AddRenderPasses(ScriptableRenderer renderer, ref RenderingData renderingData)

It was found that the depthTarget setting was invalid after calling UniversalRenderer.SwapColorBuffer(CommandBuffer cmd), and subsequent draws did not have depthTarget.

Unity Version: 2022.3.4f1
URP Version: 14.0.8


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