hello im trying to make it so that when ever a palyer moves the cam will move that way but at an angle also how to make movement dash only for example my player dashes left i want the cam to move left at angle or when palyer jumps the cam moves up to an over head i need the scripting for it please

I think I understand what your trying to do now, where you want two characters at once on screen, so the camera aims in between the players and when one gets too far away you stop them, sort of like San Andreas on PS2 multiplayer (haha good fun)…

anyway to get a camera to do that I would have the camera start out in the rotation you want in the scene, and put a movement script that only allows the camera to move in two directions (two axis’s) so that would mean locking the movement to only X and Y or Z and Y whatever you would need I suppose.

if you have that already, then all you need to figure out is blocking a certain distance from the camera to allow players to move within.

I would just create invisible walls per say, where colliders stop motion, then child those to the camera, and make it so they ignore everything but players i guess…and once your camera had been moving to match the location which is the center of the two players, then those walls would be always moving around the players, hence creating a moving limit that you can set to keep them on screen.

Totally dont have any script so complex to give you haha sorry