Camera "Don't Clear" flag doesn't work on Android ?


So I’m trying to make some effects (brush like effect) and to do that I found that using “Don’t Clear” flag in camera is best solution than other ways I could think of. It works on PC flawlessly but when I build that project into Android, it acts like clearing flag ( not working ). I’ve also tried that with 2 cameras, 1 camera rendering what it sees to texture ( render texture ) other showing the texture , and saving the texture. Still it doesn’t work. Are there any workaround or is that known issue or something? Any idea?

Thanks in advance

The don’t clear camera flag doesn’t work on some mobile devices. If you want to freeze rendering and not waste gpu/cpu cycles, please vote for these features:

Thread is very old, however I had this problem and solved it.

I’ve made a Screen Image Effect that reproduces this effect, you can see it here:

Hope this helps!