Camera and Light invisble but do exist,can't see my main camera or light in sceneview

I can not really see my camera and lighting icon, they just seems invisible in my scene view now, and it is same for all my project, no matter new project or a finished one. Futhermore, I already check it is not due to the wrong layer or set as invisible.[163450-捕获.png|163450]

I am just new user for unity, so.... I really can not solve this by myself, if any of you know the solution, please tell me.

,As the same as the below show, my camera, and lighting disappear, even though I didn’t hide them, or change to another layer. All my project show in same way, even with this entire new project, except a terrain just make in 1min.

I already struggle with this for the whole day, but it seems no solution to my situation, so I hope you can give me some suggestion, thank you.

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It’s pretty unintuitive, but you have to actually click on the word “Gizmos” on the bar in your Scene view, not the drop down arrow. This should make your Gizmos visible again.