Camera and Raycast Collision Don't Work.

Hey guys, I purchased an RTS Camera tonight, and nothing, works with Collisions.
Actually let me rephrase that, I can make a Sphere Trigger and it can detect collisions with a DEBUG LOG ONLY!
If I add force to a rigidbody I have on the camera or a parent object of the Camera the trigger no longer work.
Well, I try raycasting, and it does the same exact thing.
I’ve been reading Raycast this Raycast that for Camera Collisions, well I try Raycasting and it just don’t work either. By the way - there isn’t much information on the Net about this, I’ve been searching for like 5 hours now.
There’s no code to show as I’ve been deleting and redoing, and all the code I’ve been doing is just the basics to make it at least attempt to detect something, and they work, but as only for Debug.logs. If I say something like

transform.rigidbody.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.back * 500);

then the whole thing doesn’t even work not even the debug.log.
Is there a simple method I am missing here?

I wouldn’t worry about this so much, but who wants to play an rts that’s nothing but a flat map, I want mountains you know lol.

Please help me if you can.

If your collider is set as a trigger… yoru object won’t collide with it, it will just get trigger messages to say it entered it. So check this first.
Second, make sure what layers the objects are in… you can setup in unity physics options which layers collide with other layers… you might be colliding with layers that are set to ignore each other.
Also if you are trying raycasting… how you specify layer is a bit confusing… you are passing in bits, not layer number… so be careful. for exampple, you might be passing in layer 11 as your parameter, when it might be bit (1<<11) you should be using.
you’ll get it. keep checking settings.