Camera aspect ratio forced to 4:3 in Scene view


I’ve just started to use Unity in anger and am currently implementing a more useful way to test a bounding volume against a clip frustum (I need to know whether it is fully enclosed). After several hours of debugging my code by rendering debug information in the Scene view I realised that in fact my code was working but for some reason the aspect ratio of the camera was being forced to 4:3 in the scene view but the clip planes that are rendered in the scene view are correct for the camera. This obviously means there is a discrepancy in the scene view which feels like a bug to me but perhaps I’m missing something.

Does anyone have a suggested work around for the problem? Or is in fact a bug? In which case how do I go about submitting such things.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Update: I have submitted this as a bug which has been accepted and sent to the dev team. I don’t know when it will be resolved though.

Still not resolved, as of 4.1.0f4… Just ran into this one myself.