Camera Board Game - Multiplayer,Multiplayer camera - best practice

Hey Community,

i read a bit about Multiplayer in Unity and tried an example.

I am currently wondering, what’s the best practice for a multiplayer camera, for a board game.
Lets expect i have 2 player, every player have it own cards, but the view should be always the same.

I found a few threads, this thread explains pretty much what i am trying to achieve.
unity3d unet - How do I flip a camera and not UI for a networked game? - Stack Overflow

Whats the most common way to do this?

Though I can’t speak to the most common way to achieve what you want, the way I would use is to make the UI a child of the Camera object. That way, when you transform the camera, the UI is automatically transformed along with the parent.

Whatever you don’t want to flip should be parented to the rotating camera, and whatever you do want to flip should be given a parent that is not in the camera heirarchy.