Camera casting shadow or something

Hi all, I’m new to Unity3D. I created a simple scene with a Terrain, Directional Light & some trees and camera which moves around in the scene. [21930-ls±+03.png|21930]

There it is, but the problem is you see the dark circle around the camera. What is it. It is moving with the camera. At first I thought it shadow of the camera, doesn’t makes sense, so I test it. I took the camera far from the ground and it became smaller & smaller until it disappeared. Following screen-caps will depict that.
please see the next two images (this forum didn’t let me add more).

camera farther

more farther

I was on the brink of proving my theory until I faced the sun. And this happened.

the shadow was still there. Which means it is not a shadow. What it is. Any help please.

I just had to remove the directional light and add it again. Changing the settings made it stop casting any light at all. gotta love unity

Looks like you have a lens flare object of some sort, that’s probably it. Find that and set the renderer to not cast shadows (or accept them)

well a reinstall solved the problem…

I had the same problem here is what I’ve done to fix it :

  1. Open Edit->Project Settings->Quality

Under Shadow title :

  1. Increase Shadow Distance (I increased to 1000) [500-1000] should do the work
  2. Change Shadow Projection to “Stable Fit”
  3. Change Shadow Cascades to “No Cascade”

Old post, but I just had the same problem. For me, it was actually the skydome casting a shadow (effectively over everything in the world). The shadow distance is relative to the camera so that was limiting the shadow to the radial area shown. Turning “cast shadows” off on the skydome mesh renderer component fixed it for me. I guess the trick is to look for geometry that’s casting a shadow over everything.

Deleting the directional light and re-adding it worked for me

Wow this is an old post, but I’ve been having the same weird problem. Gonna try some of these things and see if they work.