Camera clipping planes : hidden planes when the transform position is too far


I have a problem with apparently camera clipping planes. Depending on my camera’s position, the black borders of my areas are hidden :

Pic1 : you can see 3 areas with black borders

Pic2: if I move the camera, so the position value of my border is too far from the field of view, my plane is hidden

After reading other topics, I played with the “Near” value of my main camera. And indeed, turning 0.3 to 0.01 is making things better.
But it’s not enough, my problem is still here and I already have “Near” to the minimum value. Increasing “Far” doesn’t change anything.

Other (important ?) note : at start, my black border is square-shaped, then to match with my area size, I modify the position of the vertices, and at the end the black border position is at the bottom right of the area. Maybe I can solve my problem by inversing my computation and taking the top-left as base, but I didn’t test that yet.

Is there anything else I can do ?
Thank you for your help.

I am not sure how your scene is set up, but it sounds like maybe you have a Z-Fighting issue. How close together are the Black and Grid planes? Z-Fighting typically occurs when the floating point accuracy of the Z-Buffer isn’t high enough to be able to determine which object is closer to the camera. Adjusting the Near clipping plane changes the accuracy of the Z-Buffer. It usually presents in a visual artifact where some of the object behind clips with the object in front and changes as the camera moves around. The pictures you included don’t look like what I would expect from Z-Fighting, but your mention of changing the Near clipping plane helping makes me think along these lines.

Anyhow, just a guess, but if you were to move the planes so that it was more obvious which was on top it could help.