Camera collision

Hey im making a 3rd person adventure game but the fixed camera goes through scenery thats behind me eg: rocks and houses, how can i stop the camera passing though? i gave the camera a box collider and tried loads of other but it just wont work :frowning: comments appreciated.

Executing a search in UnityAnswers using the phrase “Camera Collision” seems to show a wide variety of answers to this question. In summary, it appears that a camera should have both a collider as well as having a RigidBody. See for example:

Thanks alucard! great link! Though Im goin to stop using unity answers, ive had a complaint about every question ive asked, thought this was a place of assistance, clearly experienced unity users get decent answers. and noobs get told to google it or search for it (something i do before asking anyway) whilst the questions may be very similar, i couldnt find specifically what i need, hencefourth, i posted my question, if thats not what this site is for then it really needs re-named.