Camera culling mask? VolumeCamera or Main Camera

For hiding layers from being visible, should the culling mask be made to VolumeCamera or Main Camera or both?

Hi @ina

In MR mode, the intent is that you set the culling mask on your volume camera only; the Main camera affects what’s displayed in play mode but has no effect on what will display in the visionOS simulator or on device. Having said this, the volume camera culling mask currently isn’t functioning properly. We hope to have a fix in the next release.


when is the next release

Were these culling mask issues fixed in 1.0.3 or is it the next release? I’m having issues with changing the culling mask on the volume camera and I’m not sure if this is the same issue.
I’m trying to hide some layers during scene loading and then re-show those layers after the loading and some other setup has completed however the content no longer shows

afaik culling mask does not work on device in 1.0.3

CullingMask functionality is actively being worked on and will hopefully be getting merged this week.

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thanks ryan. looking fwd!