Camera follow in c#

Hello. I am making a side scrolling game of some sort where the player moves left and right as well as vertically with jump. I want the camera to follow the player as he moves but restrict the camera to only staying on the x axis, not move vertically up with the player when he jumps.

If I just put the camera in the Player heiharchy the camera will keep the player at all times, something I dont want. I am trying to figure out how to code this.

I was thinking i may need to do something like

transform.LookAt(target) ;

but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You could just do something like this (make sure to fill in the "Player" object on your own):

// C#

public float LockedY = 0;
public float LockedZ = 0;

public GameObject player;

void Update()
     transform.position = new Vector3(player.transform.x, LockedY, LockedZ);

This will lock the camera on the Y and Z axes with the given values you specify, and make the X-value the same as the player's.

And just FYI: Transform.LookAt() only modifies the rotation, not the position, so that wouldn't really help you in this case.