camera follow problem-unity 4.3 2d

I made a simple camera follow script, no smooth, just positioning the camera to the player position. but every time the player and the camera moves at the same time the player shakes.
I even tried not to follow player, just moving the camera in a certain speed and when the player doesn’t move it’s fine… but when the player moves (the camera is still moving) the player sprite shakes…
a couple of things:
The camera is not a child of the player.
I tried doing rigidbody-interpolate.

Also, I opened the 2d platformer example that came with the new unity 4.3. I opened the camerea follow script and removed the smooth, so the camera will just focus on the player and the same thing happens - the hero shakes.

Any solution?

use the exact same scripts from the 2d platfromer example by unity but change FixedUpdate to Update.

Its shake because of deltaTime multiplier.