Camera follow rotating ball

What is the most efficient way of making a camera follow a rotating ball without any jerkiness? I’ve tried smooth follow (and countless other methods) but the camera is still very jittery. Basically, I need the camera to follow my rotating ball from a set distance behind. How might I go about this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

in unity editor take the camera and drag it on top of the ball, that makes the camera a child of the ball, now the camera’s position is local not world, its position is always relative to the ball. so even though it’s position is 1,10,0 thats 1 away,10 away,0 away from the ball always, if the ball moves it moves.

I figured out a way to achieve this. I took an empty game object and set it’s coordinates to match that of the golf ball. (I didn’t attach it, as that would also translate rotation). Then, I attached the smooth follow script to the camera (which can be found in the standard assets) and made the empty game object the target. All set… for now.