Camera following dice with FREE UNITY DICE PACK. help

i really need some help with this one . this is a quick download , i need a camera to follow one of the dice when it is spawned .
when you download the pack go to the AppDemo.cs script and omit

// Dice.Roll(“1d10”, “d10-” + randomColor, spawnPoint.transform.position, Force());

there should be 8 of those lines of code , omit 7 of them so you have only 1 rolling dice . i need to zoom a camera on it when it is spawned .
could you help me to do this , thanks you in advance

A typical camera script has something like public Transform target; and it tracks that. Just have your code do something like; when you roll.

When you’re done, set it back to whatever it was before. Make sure it’s a camera script that tracks only position and not also rotation (or it spin like crazy with the die.)