Camera following Pivot not working

I want to make a thirdpersonshooter-camerascript
the player is the parent of an empty(pivot) and the camera should follow the pivot

when i move my mouse to the left the player rotates to the left with the pivot
but the problem lies with the camera:
it keeps the distance to the pivot but it doesnt inherit the rotation
(red is how the camera is, green is how the camera should be)
following the responsible part of the cameracontroller:

//rotation of the camera
transform.position = pivot.transform.position + (pivot.transform.rotation * (new Vector3 (0.5f,2,-2)));
targetlook = Quaternion.LookRotation (pivot.transform.position - transform.position);
transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, targetlook, smoothlook * Time.deltaTime);
transform.LookAt (pivot.transform);  

any advice?

make a new empty game object and call it pivot and then child it to the character

now make the camera a child of the pivot object,

now make a script that makes the pivot rotate with mouse movement and attach it to the pivot game object

you can the camera any distance and starting rotation you like it will rotate around the pivot game object.