Camera Following Spawned Object

I have found some sample code which is of a pinball machine and it’s basic mechanics.

The thing that I am trying to do is get the camera to follow the ball, but the ball isn’t spawned until the game is run, and every time the ball falls between the flippers, a new ball is spawned.

Can anyone show me how to set the camera to follow a specific object if it exists, and if it doesn’t, set the camera to another default position.

Thanks in advance!

When the ball is instantiated, tell the camera to follow it. It depends how your doing that though. By parenting (Camera.main.transform.parent = ball.transform) ? By script (Camera.main.GetComponent(FollowScript).target = ball) ?

Thanks for the response. The ball is crated within a Java Script called Player.

The code for creating the ball looks like this:

// Releases a ball into the playfield

function ReleaseBall() : Ball

// Now create a new ball

var newball : GameObject;

newball = GameObject.Instantiate(ballPrefab, Vector3(62.70164, -45.26075, 0),

newball.transform.localScale = ballPrefab.transform.localScale; = "Ball";			
// Update our ball array so other objects can quickly do a seek on all balls
return newball.GetComponent("Ball");