camera force scaling child objects SOLVED

my first person controller got shorter than it was before and i can only look left and right I have a flare gun model with a shooting script on the fps controller and it follows my mouse, meaning it goes up and down I don’t know what happened. I tried restarting unity and it did not work Please help

EDIT: Okay so the reason i could not look on the y was because i had a camera component on my fps controller, which overrode the camera that was separate So i disabled that component, but now when i look up and down, my flare gun gets all warped and stuff. I keep seeing if i can fix it But if you know a solution, please leave a comment.

EDIT: It looks like the flare gun is getting scaled in directions depending on the camera’s Y angle.

EDIT: It only gets scaled in the blue direction (is it that the X?)

EDIT: It has to do with camera, not the flare gun

EDIT: I Figured it out! I had scaled my player, and that screwed it up some how. Any way, i dont help now…not that i got any…

Thank you so much!