Camera FOV is adjustable in editor but not in Android Phone build (Google VR 1.6 and Unity 5.6.1f1)

I found a C# script on how to adjust the FOV of the camera In-game, it works in the editor but when I build it and played it on my Android phone the script doesn’t work anymore. Anyone having this problem? Here’s the script

public class CameraZoom : MonoBehaviour {
public Camera caml;
public float zoomSpeed = 20f;
public float minZoomFOV = 10f;
public float maxZoomFOV = 60f;
public bool zoomedIn = false; //boolean that determines whether we are in zoomed in state or not
void Update () {
if (Input.GetButtonDown (“Fire3”)) {//(Input.GetKeyDown(“z”))//This function toggles zoom capabilities with the Z key. If it’s zoomed in, it will zoom out

		zoomedIn = !zoomedIn;


	if (zoomedIn == true) {

		caml.fieldOfView -= zoomSpeed/8;
		//Camera.main.fieldOfView -= zoomSpeed/8;
		if (caml.fieldOfView < minZoomFOV)
			caml.fieldOfView = minZoomFOV;

		caml.fieldOfView = maxZoomFOV;


Bump, still happening in 2019.4.29f1. Anyone have any solution?