Camera in only the first scene in build index syncs with head movements

I have two scenes in my fully-immersive VR app. Each scene has an XR Rig and AR Session gameobject. If I build each of the two scenes alone, everything works fine. If I build both builds, however, the camera will sync to head movements only in the initial scene (build index 0), and not in the subsequent scene. Did I set up my scenes wrong?

Still can’t figure it out… Anybody knows? Any help very much appreciated!

yes, I had this issue too. It’s actually fine to have your camera rig in each scene, but you need to persist the ARSession script across loads. What I did was add a starter scene for the project that just contains a prefab with the ARSession script and another script that calls DontDestroyOnLoad on its game object then loads into the first real scene of the experience. Hope this helps!


That was it! Thank you so much